Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Mail

The mail services have been quite exciting recently.

I don't think a single mail delivery day has passed in the last 3 weeks that we haven't gotten at least 1 reply card.  I think the most for one day was 5.  It's a little adventure. Every day when I get home from work, I walk out to the mailbox before I go inside, and there's reply tucked in the mailbox telling me if one of our friends or family will be coming to the big day.  (Though, despite the many reply cards, the reply rate is only at about 50% right now... and the reply by date is next Friday!)

We've been keeping the package services busy too.  The wedding is still 38 days away, but we've already gotten 6 wedding presents!  Most of it has been china... I need to go get china keepers soon, so we can get the china out of the boxes because the boxes are stacking high in my closet now... so high that they've reached the bottom of my veil that's hanging above where I'm storing the china boxes.  :)

The china pattern we selected - It's Lisette by Waterford

I feel blessed by the generosity of our friends and family.  I knew we'd get gifts because that's traditional, but somehow in starting to actually receive them I just feel that the Thank You cards hardly seem to cover how appreciative I am. - By the way, so far, I'm doing quite well on Thank You notes.  I've written them all and sent them on their way! 

I suppose our mail will probably stay busy for the next month or so... Here's to nice little surprises that greet me as I get home from work each day!

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