Thursday, March 24, 2011


I had ice cream for lunch today...

The coordinator at my current client promised everyone lunch as a reward for everyone's hard work in some difficult situations recently.  After a couple weeks of not suggesting a lunch venue, someone finally suggested that we just go out for ice cream... How about Blizzards at Dairy Queen?  Okay, great.  Sounds tasty!

Photo courtesy of Dairy Queen

So... when is our Dairy Queen party scheduled?  11:30 am this morning.  I have no clue why we didn't have the ice cream trip at a more reasonable hour... like in the afternoon after lunch, but the Blizzard filled me up.  I had a busy afternoon, so I never ate a proper lunch.

Thus, my new definition of adulthood: No tells you that you can't eat desert if you don't finish your meal... Instead, we have work meetings that influence us to spoil our meal with ice cream in the morning.  :)

I had ice cream for lunch today... and it was good.

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