Monday, May 14, 2012


I've got a new hobby: Crochet!  I saw a cowl that I wanted on Etsy, and I wanted to make it myself.  I asked a friend who sews and knits and crochets to teach me how to make the cowl, so I'd have one for myself.
The Cowl - with some help from Randi, even the button is home-made
After I finished the cowl, I was surprised to find that I really like crochet and wanted to do more.  The cowl is just a bunch of single crochet with a button hole (which, by the way, I was really impressed with myself for figuring out on my own), but I wanted something more fun and challenging...

Zig-Zag Scarf: I'm impressed with this one because the pattern labels itself as "Intermediate" difficulty level.
After finishing the cowl, Randi taught me double crochet and how to read a pattern.  I've been practicing double crochet with a couple patterns and I've already found some new things to be my next projects (and some of my next things are not scarves or cowls). 

Flower Scarf
A close up of one of the flowers

Look out world, I'm crocheting!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Color Fun

Paint Colors!
(Click on the picture for a larger image)
So... I am fully aware that colors don't come out the same after photographed, uploaded, and viewed on a monitor, but it's fun none the less.  The post its are marking colors that we plan to get bigger swatches of to really make some decisions.