Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old, New, Borrowed,and Blue

A lot of wedding traditions seem silly, or even annoying, to me, but there are a few traditions that I think are cute and fun. 

Tosses and Almonds
We won't be tossing a garter or my bouquet.  There are many reasons for this:
  • I don't want to wear a garter
  • I want to keep my bouquet nice and not destroy it
  • Neither John nor I have ever really enjoyed being pulled into the mass of singles trying to catch "luck" or whatever that's supposed to be... though, I did catch the bouquet once about 2 years ago, but I don't think it sped up the process for me and John
  • We're not so much a fan of John going under my dress in front of a crowd of people.
However, we have a sort of replacement.  In Greek tradition, there is a silver tray of almonds at the front of the church during the ceremony, and after the ceremony, each single woman gets an almond.  She puts the almond under her pillow for three nights after the wedding, and on the third night, she supposed to dream of the man she'll marry.  We'll have a tray of almonds.

Almonds are also in another Greek tradition.  Each guest gets a bag of an odd number of almonds as a sort of favor.  These have some neat wedding related symbolism that we'll have explained on the menus at the reception.

The Dress
This one has been hard for me.  I love my dress, and I want to ramble to John all about it.  But I haven't.  I got the nice bridal portrait print yesterday and put it in a frame.  It looks sweet!  It's hard not to show it off.  I didn't though.  I taped a paper over the front of the frame, so John can't see it.  I look good in the picture, so I'm excited to show it off to John after the ceremony.

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue
This was fun, and I like my selections:
  • Old - A necklace of my grandmother's that she left to me when she died.  It's a very pretty necklace, but it's gold.  I mostly wear silver jewelry, so I haven't had many occasions to actually wear the necklace.  I'm excited to remember my grandmother by wearing it on my wedding day, and I decided to do that before I ever even found a dress.  Now that my whole look has come together, I also know that it goes perfectly with the look I'm going for and with the dress.
  • New - The veil and the dress are both new.  There's nothing sentimental to say about them because they're new, but they are both gorgeous and make me look gorgeous too.
  • Borrowed - A bracelet borrowed from my Mom's side of the family.  My Mom, her sister, and my Grandmother have all worn the bracelet.  My Mom and my aunt both wore the bracelet in their own weddings.  It, like the necklace, is also gold.  The bracelet is a bit old and faded, but still looks very nice in my bridal pictures.  It's neat to know the journey it's been on with my family and now with me.
  • Blue - My Alpha Delta Pi pin.  It is silver and lined with blue stones.  I will wear this under the skit of my dress, so no one will actually see it, but it will be there.  I got this idea from another ADPi who did it.  Every single one of my bridesmaids and house party is an ADPi sister of mine.  I love that sisterhood and that I can share this special day in my life with them.

Only 7 days... 1 week, and then, I'm getting married!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two Weeks

  • 1 Fortnight
  • 14 days
  • 336 hours
  • 20,160 minutes
  • 1,209,600 seconds
  • 2 weekends
  • 8 days of work
  • 2 days of PTO
  • 1 major holiday 
  • 1 rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • 1 Bachelorette evening
  • 1 Bridesmaids Brunch

I can't believe that's all that's left between now and my wedding!  WOW!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

After the shower last Saturday, I went with a bridesmaid to pick out shoes and we planned out other accessories.  Then on Sunday, I had a trial run with my hair dresser for the wedding... that was up in Highland Village. With my hair done up all fancy like, my Mom and I drove down to Dallas, to the Cooper Aerobics Center, and had a 3 hour bridal portrait session. (Which was a lot of fun, but also exhausting)

On Monday, my Mom headed back to Houston, I went back to work, and John was off to work in LA.  Monday night I wrote Thank You cards for all the shower gifts.  Tuesday, I addressed envelopes and worked on menu cards for the Wedding.  Wednesday evening John was home again, but I was working on Wedding programs and table numbers.  On Thursday, I shot off several emails to vendors and sent in confirmations due by 2 weeks out (which is tomorrow BTW), and I worked on the program and directions from the ceremony to the reception.

And... tomorrow, we're going to pickup our wedding bands and I'm going shopping with another bridesmaid to pick the rest of the bridesmaid's accessories.  Lots of little things to do, but I'm Super Excited.

Only 15 more days!

Bridal Shower: Take 2

On Saturday, one of my bridesmaids and her mother threw me a shower in the Dallas area.  It was a tea at a French restaurant in North Dallas.  I don't think I've ever been to a nice tea like that before.  It was a perfect little setting with finger foods, hot tea, and a fun atmosphere.

Tea Time!
We had a great group of people from several areas of my life including my Mom, my Mother-In-Law to be, 2 of my cousins, 3 of the 4 bridesmaids, a friend from church, and 4 friends that I met because their husbands are friends of John's.

My Mom and Mother-In-Law to be
Most of the group.  So glad you all could make it!
Just like the week before, I left with a car filled with goodies and a heart filled with gratitude.  It's so exciting to get together with some of my favorite people and celebrate the fast approaching "Big Day"!

The hostesses
After the shower, one of my bridesmaids from out-of-town stayed for the night, and we made decisions about bridesmaid accessories, shoes, and hair.  It's time to start checking those last few things off the To Do list!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner for Two

We can now officially have dinner for 2 on formal dinnerware.  In total, we have 8 flatware sets, 6 china sets, and 2 glasses.  The glasses just arrived today, completing the set for a Dinner for Two.  I had some fun setting the table for 2 even though I'm not cooking dinner tonight and I still don't have china keepers, so the china went back in their boxes... after I took a picture, of course.

I'm proud of how it all goes together because that's all me.  The china is Waterford - Lisette, the crystal is Vera Wang - Classic Platinum, and the flatware is Oneida - Icarus.

Yea for place settings... hopefully, I cook something for them soon.  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Houston Shower

Last weekend I drove down to Houston with John on Friday night, arriving at my parents house at 12:30 in the morning.  After a few hours rest, we had a busy day including going over some wedding details with my Mom, a trip to Hobby Lobby, a stop by my cousin's house, and the reason for our trip: our first wedding shower.

The shower was delightful.  I got to see several folks that I had not seen much in recent years, and I enjoyed chatting and catching up.  Also, I feasted like a queen - Best Shower Food EVER... complete with candy to fit with my fruit colored wedding.  :)

Me with the Hostesses, my Mom, and my Grandmother
Thanks to my hostesses (Cathy, Laura, Lynn, Melissa, Sharon, Penny, Karen, and Glenna) for a really wonderful day!

Along with the fun time spent with some great people, they sent us headed back to Dallas with a car full of goodies including: baking utensils, several serving pieces, storage and mixing bowls, towels, and some kitchen electrics (including a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer! - Thanks to the hostesses)

Wide Shot of the Group
It was a fast and full trip - less than 48 hours in total, but it was a good time.  Now I'm looking forward to round 2.  My Mom is coming to Dallas this weekend for the Dallas shower and Bridal Portraits this next weekend!

26 Days to Go!