Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Sometime in the early 90s, I realized that my birthday would eventually fall on December 12th, 2012 (12-12-12)... and I waited...

Finally, that day has come and gone.  John and I had a very nice time celebrating what would ordinarily be an un-monumental birthday made special by a trifecta of twelves.  I told John about 12-12-12 back when we were dating, and I think he took it as a personal challenge to make the day great... he spent all day calling it "The Birthday of a Life Time".  (I guess he thinks the odds of my living to be 127 aren't that good... not sure why)

Here are 12 ways we celebrated:
  1. I took the day off of work and John didn't schedule any work.  It was a Wednesday, so that made 2, 2-day weeks on either side of my birthday.
  2. We slept in... for a little bit at least.
  3. John gave me a headset to use when I work from home, the honor of throwing away a shirt of his that I hate, and a bucket of Andes mints.
  4. We drove to Glen Rose and ate lunch at a sweet little shop called Storybook Cafe.
  5. Storybook Cafe is a bookshop and cafe in one.  It was charming and particularly cute with all its Christmas decor.
    They had neat little table decorations and games... this one is holiday dominoes.
    And there was a snowman!

  6. After lunch, we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park.
  7. We saw fossils and dinosaur models.

  8. We took a hike.
  9. We expressed our inner children on the swing-set.
  10. Then we took a break to enjoy the nice weather at the park.  I read a book and John decided to take a nap.
  11. After the park, we returned to Glen Rose for a nice dinner at The Riverhouse Grill, which is an old mansion converted into a restaurant.  
  12. We had chocolate cake for dessert.
  13. We drove home and enjoyed a movie on our early Christmas present to our-selves (a TV and DVD player in the master bedroom)
In my opinion, 12-12-12 was a great success... well worth the wait... not sure what we'll do to top it on the next 12-12-12 for my 127th birthday.  :)