Thursday, March 15, 2012

Personal Craftsmanship

As a wedding present, my parents decided that my Dad would make us something to house all of our DVDs.  (We currently have a little over 300 DVDs that didn't fit anywhere).  My Dad sat down with us and talked it out... what started as a DVD cabinet eventually became a fabulous, custom Entertainment / Storage Center.  Given the design, build, and transportation, it came a bit after the wedding - etiquette rules only say you're supposed to give the gift within a year of the wedding, so it's not actually late in that sense.



Now all our DVDs can hide away!
It's a beautiful piece of furniture and it fits the room perfectly.  My father, the engineer, added some great features too:
  • All the sliders lock - planning ahead for curious little ones.  ;)
  • You can only open 2 sliders at a time (1 on each side), so it won't tip over.
  • The selves have dividers to keep the DVDs from falling over, but those can be removed.  If physical media is obsolete in 10 years, we can use the sliders to hide other things... like toys... or anything less than a foot wide.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

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