Friday, April 13, 2012


Recently, my company consolidated all the gifts, rewards, etc. (basically any non-monetary compensation) to this website where you get points.  There's a wide range of things you can get with your points for a very wide range of point values.

10 points = about $1 (shipping is included so it's hard to tell exactly). There are items from 50 to 50,000 points. I had accumulated 1750 points from the company Christmas gift and a gift with my promotion, so I decided to see what was worth getting...

Yes, that is my finger in the picture.  I took this with the camera on my phone and I'm too lazy to crop it out... so sue me... actually please don't because I don't think that actually breaks any real laws and that frivolous lawsuit would be a waste of money.

Now we can grill some meat and John has a nice place to sit while he makes sure not to burn the food I prepared. :)

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