Friday, March 9, 2012

Hot Hoops in Hot Springs: 2012 Edition

Every year since 2009, the Sun Belt Conference Basketball Tournament has been in Hot Springs, AK, and we have been at each of them.  John and I have been season ticket holders for North Texas basketball for a while now, and we love getting to cap off the season with a vacation/tournament.

The last 3 years, UNT has made it to the Championship game, which no other school in the Sun Belt can claim, and we've watched a lot of exciting games to get there.  Unfortunately, the team lost in the Championship game this year, but other than that last 10 minutes of basketball, it was a great trip.

We've done most of the touristy stops in Hot Springs over the last four years, but we could still enjoy ourselves.  On day, the guys went to the horse races (something that never quite worked out in our previous trips).  One of the other wives and I took a stroll down Bath-House row (that was a repeat activity) and had a mini-spa-day.  I think the guys like that Kim and I are both there so we can go do "girly" stuff and let them obsess about sports (and the UNT message board).

Here's a few pictures from the trip:
John with a friend prior to the Championship Game

John with a friend prior to the Championship Game (For anyone not obsessed with North Texas Basketball, Johnny Jones is the men's team coach and his nick name when he played at LSU was "Bullet")

This is an image from the semi-final game.  Play "Where's Marleta?" (Click on the picture to make it bigger) - I look like a Goof-Ball, but I was very excited at that moment.

Another shot from the semi-final game: Johnny Jones, looking all snazzy with my husband in the background (I'm there too, but half my head is blocked)

This might have been the last year for the tournament to be in Hot Springs, and at most, I think there's only going to be one more year.  After 4 trips, we still enjoy the city and always love the "HOT HOOPS in HOT SPRIIIINNNGGS"

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