Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a Whirlwind

It's been an amazing 2 weeks... I'll blog in more detail in the next few posts, but for now, here's a bullet preview of my last 2 weeks:
  • We're married!
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • "Cookie" birds
  • I ate Half a Salad
  • Family and Friends with lots of love
  • "Nobody likes you, Mossy Rock"
  • Red and Green make Christmas... there is no Christmas at my wedding (well, almost none)
  • Broken camera
  • The Hansen Family
  • Apparently, it's rude to ask you to actually pay for your dinner
  • I hear Miami is nice this time of year
  • Really big rock caves
  • Cottage by the Beach
  • Jerk Chicken is yummy
  • "Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. John and Marleta Hansen!"

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