Sunday, May 29, 2011

Did I Mention We Like Relaxing on the Beach?

Honeymoon Day 7 - Sunday, May 8, 2011 - Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

When Sunday came around, we were a little sad to know it would be our last day on the beach because our flight was at 7:20 the next morning.  Sunday morning, we slept late again, read some, and went to Myett's office to check-out of the cottages (they don't open the office until 9 am the next morning, by which time we should be long gone, so we wanted to get checked-out in advance.  We also scheduled to have a taxi pick us up at 5:15  Monday morning.

An interesting note about the Beef Island airport: It doesn't open until 6 am, so despite the fact that American Airlines insists that even in the BVI, you should arrive 2 hours before your international flight, that would be silly in Tortola if your flight is before 8 am. We were glad we checked with the office staff on when we should get the taxi because otherwise, we'd have been waiting outside the airport in the morning.

We were running low on cash by day 7, so we found the local ATM and stocked up.  Then we spent a little of that cash at the gift shop at Myett's.
Our 2 souvenirs: The free bottle of rum from Myett's and some wooden turtles
We realized that we didn't have a picture of the outside of the cottage.  We were staying on the left side.
1 of 2 signs at the road.
The other sign out front.  We're a little sad the cottages are for sale.  Hopefully, whoever buys them will keep them hotel style property because we'd like to come back, and we think they're a great place to stay. - In case you're curious, the 4 cottages (basically 4 small, 1 bedroom duplex halves) are listed for $1.3 million. 
We ate the rest of our sandwich fixings and ice cream for lunch.  Then, we went out to enjoy the beach.  The water was a little chilly, so we read a bit until it warmed up. We swam and then laid out on the beach a little more.
Ready for one last swim
After the beach, we showered and packed. Then we went back to Myett's to check our flights and emails. (I felt like we didn't have enough pictures, so the phone came with me)

The beach from where we checked email
Myett's bar and restaurant (Dinner on Thursday and our internet access locale)
We took a stroll along the beach before dinner to get some more pictures and soak in our last evening.

For dinner, we went to Big Banana Paradise Cafe. John was attracted by the Lime Seared Mahi Mahi, and I got the Caribbean Chicken. We asked for desert options and the only thing they had was Key Lime Pie, so we had Key Lime Pie for a second day in a row.

The view from our dinner table

Sunset during dinner
We asked someone on the beach to take this shot, so we'd have one picture with both of us taken from more than an arm length away.
We tucked in to sleep a little early that night with our alarm set for 4 am to get ready for our taxi at 5:15 am. Reflecting on the trip, we were both very pleased with how it came out. We hadn't tried to do a ton of activities, and in the end, we were really glad that we had just relaxed instead of having a schedule and activities to make. Other than breaking the camera, everything had gone smoothly, and both hotels we stayed in were great. 

Unfortunately, we failed to knock on wood about everything going smoothly. Stay tuned for one last entry about our journey home.

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