Friday, May 27, 2011

Rum and Lobster

Honeymoon Day 4 - Thursday, May 5, 2011 - Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

On Thursday, we slept in a little and packed up our things.  We bought sandwiches at the Dockmaster's Deli that is attached to the Village Cay Hotel. John got a Grad Slam Hero and I got the Chicken Parmesan.  We checked out of the hotel and got a taxi to the north side of the island.

The drive across the island was an adventure.  Tortola has many steep, winding roads, that often are only passable by one car at a time. It appears that some tourists actually rent cars on the island, but in my opinion that would be insane. Crazy difficult roads, American style cars driven on the left side of the road, and no street addresses to guide you - It's a recipe for disaster.

The view from Myett's Restaurant
We spent the second half of our week at the Cane Garden Bay Cottages, which are operated by the same people that run Myett's Bar, Restaurant and Hotel.  We got to Myett's to check-in around 12:30, but we were earlier than planned.  We waited a little bit at the restaurant for our cottage to be ready.

The cottage was great... lots of space to relax, all to ourselves.  The owner of the cottages, Craig from Canada, was in town while we were there.  We met him at the office when we checked in at Myett's.  He's owned the cottages for over 20 years, but appears to be trying to sell them now.

The living room/kitchen
With the room, we got a complementary bottle of rum.  Neither of us drink rum, so there were several jokes about what to do with it, but in the end, we just decided to bring it home and ofter our friends some refreshment in our coming poker nights. (The rum is above the sink in the picture above)

Bathroom... obviously :)
The dinning area.  There are only screens, no glass on those openings.  It made a nice breeze in the evenings.
The patio and entry.
The bedroom.  The bedroom, unlike the rest of the cottage, was fully enclosed and air-conditioned.
After settling into the cottage we took a nap and then went out to test the waters for a swim.  The water was great, very clear and blue, and a nice comfortable temp.  This is supposed to the beginning of the off season, but it was perfect.  Also, we were 2 of maybe 10 people on a half mile of beach!

Once we'd had enough swimming for the day, we went back to the cottage for a shower and nap.  Then, we went to the local grocery mart and got some supplies.
Our spoils: Note the Ice Cream, Yum!
In the evening, we took a stroll on the beach to check out all the available restaurants, and then, settled in at Myett's for dinner.  I had lobster, which was great though bigger than I expected, and John had Blackened Mahi Mahi.  Also, I should note that it was Cinco de Mayo, so Myett's had some special guest musicians for the evening.  The music was a bit over powering, so we didn't stay to listen for too long.

We ended out first evening on the beach reading in open air room of the cottage, and still hearing the slightly strange band playing over at Myetts (One of their songs was a Calypso version of My Heart Must Go On).

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