Monday, April 4, 2011

Houston Shower

Last weekend I drove down to Houston with John on Friday night, arriving at my parents house at 12:30 in the morning.  After a few hours rest, we had a busy day including going over some wedding details with my Mom, a trip to Hobby Lobby, a stop by my cousin's house, and the reason for our trip: our first wedding shower.

The shower was delightful.  I got to see several folks that I had not seen much in recent years, and I enjoyed chatting and catching up.  Also, I feasted like a queen - Best Shower Food EVER... complete with candy to fit with my fruit colored wedding.  :)

Me with the Hostesses, my Mom, and my Grandmother
Thanks to my hostesses (Cathy, Laura, Lynn, Melissa, Sharon, Penny, Karen, and Glenna) for a really wonderful day!

Along with the fun time spent with some great people, they sent us headed back to Dallas with a car full of goodies including: baking utensils, several serving pieces, storage and mixing bowls, towels, and some kitchen electrics (including a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer! - Thanks to the hostesses)

Wide Shot of the Group
It was a fast and full trip - less than 48 hours in total, but it was a good time.  Now I'm looking forward to round 2.  My Mom is coming to Dallas this weekend for the Dallas shower and Bridal Portraits this next weekend!

26 Days to Go!

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