Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

After the shower last Saturday, I went with a bridesmaid to pick out shoes and we planned out other accessories.  Then on Sunday, I had a trial run with my hair dresser for the wedding... that was up in Highland Village. With my hair done up all fancy like, my Mom and I drove down to Dallas, to the Cooper Aerobics Center, and had a 3 hour bridal portrait session. (Which was a lot of fun, but also exhausting)

On Monday, my Mom headed back to Houston, I went back to work, and John was off to work in LA.  Monday night I wrote Thank You cards for all the shower gifts.  Tuesday, I addressed envelopes and worked on menu cards for the Wedding.  Wednesday evening John was home again, but I was working on Wedding programs and table numbers.  On Thursday, I shot off several emails to vendors and sent in confirmations due by 2 weeks out (which is tomorrow BTW), and I worked on the program and directions from the ceremony to the reception.

And... tomorrow, we're going to pickup our wedding bands and I'm going shopping with another bridesmaid to pick the rest of the bridesmaid's accessories.  Lots of little things to do, but I'm Super Excited.

Only 15 more days!

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