Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Crafting

John's been busy recently... working every day at the state fair, so I took some down time to work on some fall Pinterest crafts.

A couple weeks ago, Kim and I made this "Thanks" banner:

This weekend, I got some fall decor for the kitchen table and the tops of the cabinets:

And I made a few crafts:
This one is direct from Pinterest

This is my own creation from a little Pinterest inspiration.  It's yarn wrapped Styrofoam, a disassembled candle ring, and crochet flowers from a scarf pattern on Pinterest.

Some decor for the entertainment center

Closeup of the EEK I made.  This was partly from "BOO" letters on Pinterest... I already had a "BOO" craft though, so I went with "EEK".
I've really enjoyed being crafty... I'm already trying to pick my Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts to do next!

Also, in the last couple weeks, we had a refrigerator mishap that moved up our acquisition of a new fridge... My picture of the fall decor has the new fridge, so I thought I'd update my Kitchen before and after.

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