Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great 2012 Remodel: Guest Room

I know it's long overdue, but I've finally got the before and after shots for the last room... the guest room.  We were slightly delayed in completing the guest room because we had to get a new bed and by the time we had it the new bed in place, I'd stopped thinking about before and after posts... better late than never I suppose.

Before:  (Looks like I took the before pictures without the light on... not sure what I was thinking... maybe the problem is that I wasn't thinking)

Best we can gather, they started work on the guest room the first day, but they closed the door and we didn't know.

Here's what it looked like on day 3:

On day 4, other than carpets, I think this was the first room "finished":

Before the painters left however, we discovered that they had broken the bed... we figure that's why they had the room closed off on day one and why it was so put back together by day 4.  The painters didn't put any other rooms back together so nicely.  Needless to say, the price of that Ikea bed was deducted from what we paid the painters.  Breaking the bed wasn't what upset us the most... it was that they tried to cover it up.

After the carpet:

Closeup of the broken bed... it was relatively well concealed when it's assembled, but you can see here that it's not just a crack.

After with a new, taller Ikea bed:

And the Before and After shot:

I think this room, more so than the others, really needs more decor help before it will be finished, but at least it's got fresh paint, new carpet, and a new bed.

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