Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goals - 10 Pounds

I posted a little while back about my weight loss goals.  In total, my goal is to lose 24 pounds by June.  This week, I reached 10 pounds!

It's interesting what my mind latches on to.  10 pounds isn't really a special number in my plan... 8 was 1/3, 12 will be half way.  12 will also be the weight that is at the top of the generally accepted "healthy" range for my height and sex.  For some reason though, 10 seems like a big number.  I was really excited to reach 10 pounds this week.

Today, I'm actually at 11 pounds.  Only 1 pound away from half way and the "healthy" range, but I'm still most excited about reaching 10 pounds this week.

So, Yay for 10 pounds of weight loss!

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