Friday, February 10, 2012

Dante's Down the Hatch

One night in Atlanta, the team went out to dinner at a restaurant called Dante's Down the Hatch.  Dante's is a ship themed restaurant, the various rooms of the restaurant match area of a ship - We ate in a room called the Captain's Cabin.  One of the team members took some pictures of the interesting decor.

The restaurant owner also raises crocodiles to add to the experience.  The marker below is along the path in to the entrance.

You might assume from the crocodiles and ship theme that this is a seafood restaurant... that assumption would be wrong.  It's a fondue restaurant with live Jazz music 6 nights a week.  A little bit of an odd combo, but I like fondue, so enjoyed cooking and cheese-coating my food. (It didn't do wonders for my diet, but I just ignored that for the night)

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