Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Crafty

Since discovering and introducing me to Pinterest, several of the football wives* have decided to have craft days to actually do some of the things we've found on Pinterest.

*Football Wives - The wives that come with their husbands to North Texas Football Games, including pre-game tailgating.  Several of us may never have met each other if our husbands had not been football buddies.  We've all gotten to know each other pretty well from Saturdays out in the heat for the last 3 football seasons, and we're now excited to do something outside of tailgating... and without our husbands. :)

Our first craft weekend was in October, and we made flower necklaces from a Necklace Tutorial that Kim found on Pinterest.
These came out great.  They're just felt, fabric, a chain, and hot glue.
After our first success, we got back together today for Craft Day Take 2.  This time we tackled 2 projects.

1. Washer necklaces.  Randi found this Washer Tutorial on Pinterest.  I think they make cute necklackes.

Take a washer, glue on paper (like scrapbook paper), trim off excess, and paint with a clear coat.  Once they dry, I'll tie a cord on it, and viola: simple, unique necklace.

2. Decorative Letter.  This is probably my favorite craft yet.  Mine is going on my front door once I get a wreath hanger.

Letter (from Hobby Lobby), twine (190 ft for $3 from Lowe's), ribbon, fabric flowers, and hot glue.
I found this Letter S Inspiration on Pinterest.  The S is from Esty, so unlike the other crafts we've done, there was no tutorial.  It was still pretty simple though.  And I found this Fabric Flower Tutorial that made a nice adornment for my 'H', and I think I like these flowers better than the paper flowers on the S from Etsy.

We've had a Ton 'O Fun being crafty.  I'm looking for Craft Day #3, but that's probably not until after Christmas.

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