Friday, July 20, 2012

Great 2012 Remodel: Living Room

The living room was never in very bad shape.  There wasn't anything special to the white walls, and we didn't like the old carpet, but it wasn't awful.  Here's what we did in the living room...


For the first few days, the living room was a staging area:

Day 2 - Box wall to keep the dogs off the new tile

Day 3 - adjusted box wall to also keep the dogs away from the fresh paint on the master bedroom door
Day 4 - Living room ceiling painted
Day 5 - Paint went up on the walls...

Day 7 - Trim painted

Day 8 (or 12 depending on how you count) - Carpets installed and looks a lot more like a living room again.

You can also finally see the tile patch by the back door that was installed on day 4

Day 9 - New ceiling fan
And here's how the living room looks today:

Before and After:
Before on Top; After on Bottom - Click to enlarge.
I like to just sit in our living room now and enjoy the atmosphere.  Like I said, there wasn't anything really "wrong" with the living room before, but it feels much more homey now with darker warm walls, whiter ceilings that make the room look taller, new soft carpet, and patch of tile by the back door. 

I think there's a lot of little things left to do in this room... wall hangings, end tables, lamps, curtains... but this is definitely a good start.

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