Friday, July 20, 2012

Great 2012 Remodel: Guest Bathroom

Our guest bathroom isn't very big, but it's an important room.

Before - There was a wall paper border that would belong better in a beach house, the cabinets were dull and drab and had no hardware, the floor was laminate... and ripped up laminate at that, and there was a place in the corner of the wall where it looked like some boy decided that was a better spot than the toilet.

I realized in going through my before pictures that I actually failed to get a picture of the torn laminate and pee corner, but here are some before shots:

And here's what we did:
Wall paper border removed
Tile floors!
Painted cabinets
Painted walls
 This is what our best bathroom looks like now:

For the full effect, here a before and after view:
Before on top, After on bottom, click to enlarge
Like almost every room, we still want to do some finishing touches with a new rug and some wall hangings, but I think it's a much more welcoming guest bathroom now.

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