Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I've started a new adventure in the last couple weeks: Travel.

For most consultants, travel is the name of the game, but I have been lucky that in my first 4 years of employment, I traveled only 1 week for a new hire training class.  Now that's changed and I'm making frequent treks to Atlanta to work at my client's office there.  It's been an adjustment. 

I haven't been at this long, so I'm sure my opinions will change over time.  However, I thought I'd take a moment to share a little about my experience thus far:
  1. 7 am flights are really early.
  2. Walking to and from the office, hotel, and Marta stations is helpful in meeting my exercise goals.
  3. I don't like traveling when I need to pack a coat.
  4. Hotel quality can vary widely... More to come on this one!
  5. I think I make better use of my time at home when I know I won't be there all week.
  6. It's very tiring on travel days
  7. Thus far I've been content to relax in my hotel room... I wonder when I'll go stir crazy and look for other evening activities.
  8. At the current rate we're traveling, I'll be AA Gold by May and Platinum by August - I've never had airline status before, so I'm excited for that - Though I'd definitely give it up to stay home. (I'd have to travel every week from now to the end of the year to make Executive Platinum, so I'm glad I won't be traveling enough for that)
  9. At Marriott: I'll be Silver by February, Gold by July, and Platinum by October - I'm looking forward to a free vacation for me and John courtesy of Marriott and American points.
  10. I enjoy reading books on planes, and I haven't quite gotten myself to put down the book to work on the plane.
  11. Though I know it's unlikely, I still hope that our project work gets more remote work (from home, instead of traveling to the client site) in coming months because I just don't like be away from home.
When it boils down to it, I'd rather be home, but thus far, it's not too bad being on the road.  So that's my initial assessment of traveling for work.  I'm interested to see how much my opinions change after I've been at this for a bit longer.

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