Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I've been working on personalized stockings for our house since early November 2010.  I must admit that not much happened on the stockings between early January and mid-October 2011, but it still took about 4 months to finish both. 

Growing up, my family had these personalized stockings for each person, and I thought it would be a neat tradition to continue for our new family.  Of course, my childhood stocking still hangs at my parent's house for our Christmas celebrations there.  So, last year I picked out 2 new stocking kits to make for me and John.  I'm really excited that both are finally finished.

A close up of John's - Ioannis is phonetic Greek for John

A close up of mine - I actually finished mine about a week before Christmas last year.
Beyond the stockings we have a few other Christmas decorations around the house:
The Big Christmas Tree

In the Dark!

Our College Spirit Christmas Tree.  This is the fist tree we owned, and it's bright Green (Kelly Green is for UNT) with Silver and Gold ornaments as a shout out to the Green and White of UNT and the Green and Gold of Baylor.

Snowman Wreath - I got this for Christmas last year, so this is the first time it's been up as a decoration.

NOEL Snowmen - I've had these snowmen bringing Christmas cheer for many years starting with my dorm room in college.
I also put out green and red guest towels and piled some extra ornaments decoratively on the coffee table.  We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations, but it's a nice touch.  I like that the house looks festive, and I'm sure I'll add a little each year.

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