Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Now?

Since we got back from the honeymoon, we've:
  • Unpacked
  • Cleaned up the mess that was our front room
  • Opened all our gifts and put them away
  • Written all the Thank You cards
  • Hosted 2 poker nights
  • Gotten the pictures from the wedding (
  • Spent a portion of the money and gift cards we received on registry items we didn't get and other things that have been on our wish list for a while.
I just finally got the Thank You cards in the mail yesterday. Now, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do next.  For the first time in over a year, I don't have a project or any deadlines in my personal life. (We were only engaged for 9 months, but before that we spent about 4 months choosing and buying our house.)

It's a nice feeling to not have something big looming... We've watched movies at home the last two nights, which we didn't do as much in the past year because there's always been some task to focus on. I like being able to goof off and not feel like I'm shirking some responsibility. I hope it stays that way for at least a little while.

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